Here’s a short summarized backstory:

Amy and I became friends at University after being put into a group together in a class for the duration of the semester. And within this group included another girl named, Sarah and maybe 3 others? We were all taking this class during the summer and managed to bond pretty nicely because of how hard the class was. We totally didn’t bond as well with the others (considering none of us can remember any of their names…oops).

So not only did we loathe this one particular class (which was actually only part A) but we managed to get through it together (finishing part B), which lasted the whole entire summer. So being stuck in a class that was so harsh, we managed to form a very strong and hilarious friendship –consisting of multiple group messages via Facebook and our cellphones.

Which takes us now to the present (a few years later). We flew to our dear friend Sarah’s wedding in Sedona, Arizona. Which also brings me to explain the title of this post and video aptly named “HOGGWARTS GETS MARRIED”.

During our summer-long class together we dubbed each other nicknames – Hoggwarts for Sarah, because her last name was Hogg, Amy was Robin (from Batman and Robin) — her last name being Robinson, and mine, Samwise from LOTR, because of obvious reasons). So yeah! We bonded over nerdy things such as that which made a pretty well-matched friendship during the soul-sucking summer that was that class.

So that includes this short backstory.

Next up…..WE GO TO VEGAS!


Photos from Uptown Sedona: DOESN’T SHE REMIND YOU OF KORRA FROM “THE LEGEND OF KORRA”?!?!?!?! I THOUGHT SO!!!!!IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0129

Wedding venue:IMG_0130 IMG_0133 IMG_0140 IMG_0152 IMG_0199 IMG_0201

Photos from the reception:IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0207 IMG_0208

And here’s the photo of our new friend that Amy was UNWILLING to be friends with… 😉


We met his other friend on the outside wall of our lodge…

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