We just left BEDROCK CITY, and headed down Historic Route 66 towards Sunset Crater, which was maybe a 3 hour drive?

On the way there we encountered an abandoned house, and you know… I WANTED TO GO EXPLORE IT. So we did 🙂


As soon as Amy saw it, we immediately pulled into an already paved driveway! (Convenient).


Amy didn’t come in with me, she just stood outside as I went and looked around.

IMG_0069 IMG_0072

It was pretty much what you expected an abandoned house would look like on the inside: graffiti all over the walls, lyrics to songs, bits of broken glass, and a stencil drawing of a Marvel superhero! And I just noticed (literally just now) someone drew a penis on him… how creative.IMG_0076

We continued on our way towards Sunset Crater. The sun was gradually setting as we headed towards our destination. And, because it was raining on and off, we got to see half a rainbow.

IMG_0083 IMG_0085

A couple hours later, we finally made it! We drove into the park thinking we would have to pay to get in, but no one was at the booth, and the gate was up. So naturally, we just drove into the site.


As we got closer to the Welcome centre, there were also campsites nearby. We came upon the solidified lava flow trails, covering roughly four and a half square miles! This lava flow was just one out of several that came out of the volcano around 930 years ago. That’s crazy. I really wished we had more time, I would have wanted to explore these trails more thoroughly.11721843_10154179563688298_1925165364_n

But because we still wanted to see the volcano we went back into the car and continued to drive up towards the peak.


IMG_0087 IMG_0088

The view was pretty spectacular. What you see on the ground from the above photos is cinder as the volcano itself is a cinder cone.

I wish we had more daylight and more time, I would’ve liked to hike up the volcano to check the actual crater itself, but the sun was setting and we needed to head back onto the road. The park closed at sunset, so we had to get going.

On the way down though, we quickly stopped off at one of the look-outs to check out the Painted Desert. The view was pretty amazing.

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

We then heard lightening in the distance and we immediately went back to our car — being on top of a mountain wasn’t exactly the safest.

The drive back out of the park felt like 3 hours! But really it was maybe at most an hour? It felt long and we were trying to make it out of the park before it got dark and it started to rain. But the drive out of the park was very picturesque as we were completely surrounded by desert, red rock, and dark grey skies looming in the distance all around us.IMG_2200

We didn’t get back to our hotel until just past 8pm and by then it was pitch dark, so driving on the highway with limited light was sketchy. But we made it nonetheless 🙂

Next day we go check out Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock!




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