As Amy and I were heading towards the Grand Canyon (South Rim) we drove past this and I instantly KNEW that this was where Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig went to on HeyUSA! And I remembered thinking how cool it would be to check that out!

A year later I got that chance!

We definitely agreed that when we were heading back down this way after the Grand Canyon, that we would check out Flintstones Bedrock City! Amy has been to a different Bedrock City before in a different state (WHO KNEW THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE?!), so she was just as excited to check out this one.

The park inside was everything and more!IMG_0066

Not only was the park super fun to just walk around and explore, but the food at Fred’s diner was also surprisingly amazing! Maybe it was because we just finished the bike ride alongside the Grand Canyon not but an hour ago, but that was the best chicken strips I’ve ever had! And the staff were super awesome and helpful when we asked Nick (who worked in the kitchen/the giver of ketchup) for directions. Hi Nick! (you will probably never read this, but still, you were great!)11830849_10154179563698298_1313777161_n



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