I’m not sure words can do it justice when trying to describe the Grand Canyon.

I’m sure many people (poets, writers, etc.) have tried, but nothing can really explain how expansive and eerily quiet this canyon is until you stand right in front of it yourself. And you can really only achieve this vibe when you get away from the crowds of people taking selfies around you.


My friend Amy suggested we rent bikes and bike down alongside the canyon and it was the best idea ever. (*Note: we were on the South Rim, as I’ve learned there was also a North, East, and West Rim… I just never really thought of that, and only thought there was only one point of the Grand Canyon you go to. I was wrong. But apparently, the South Rim was the best according to reviews).

We rented bikes at Bright Angel Bicycles and we went on the Red Bike Ride (a 1.5 – 2 hour bike ride) in which a shuttle picks you up and drops you off at Hopi Point where you basically ride downhill 95% of the time mostly on flat concrete. There are a couple signs as you go along downhill where you can turn onto a trail which is pretty easy and fun as well. Afterwards, a shuttle will later meet you at Hermits Rest.

The bike ride itself does not take 2 hours to complete. At most it would take an hour and they give you that extra hour if you wanted to stop and eat or take photos and just take in the scenery, which was perfect for us.

I can see why this is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the world!

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