After many hours and driving down the most windiest road ever…WINDY

We got a good first peak at some red rock!REFLECTION

My friend Amy and I were staying at Sedona Village Lodge, at the Bell Rock Plaza. We had a little bit of a challenge finding the office which you will see from the video.

After settling into our room, we went out in search for food! The guy at the front desk suggested a whole bunch of places to go check out but seemed very adamant we check out the Thai place which was only a few minutes from where we were. So with that in mind, we set out in search of said “Thai place”.

We found the restaurant called, “Tara Thai” and it was a really cute restaurant with many cool ornaments and drawings hung on the walls. The menus themselves were adorned with wood carvings plastered on the front cover! It was very intricate and very cool.

The restaurant seemed to be pretty busy and under-staffed. One lady who was clearing tables, did not understand english and the only person that could speak english, was the only guy that was waiting on all the rest of the tables in the restaurant including ours.  But he was very nice.

We waited a while for our meal to arrive but all was forgiven because it was delicious! Not sure if it was because we were hungry or that it was in fact delicious, but I’m just going to go with the latter 🙂 And I was very happy while in a state of a food coma. Which is all good signs of a very satisfying meal. TARA THAI

Near the end of our meal, there was an “incident” that happened afterwards with Amy and a fortune cookie, but you can watch that in the video!

In the next vlog we go check out THE GRAND CANYON! 🙂


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