As soon as we got off the plane we went straight to the car rental shuttle.

After we picked up our car, we spent a good half hour trying to find the exit to get on the highway towards Boulder City, but the signs were confusing (three days llater found, we weren’t the only one’s who were confused, other people were too). DRIVE

When we arrived in Boulder City, we decided to get food as we were up since 4:45am and the last time we ate was around 7am before we boarded our flight — we were starving! So Jack-In-The-Box it was!JACK

After we ate, we walked over to the complex next to us to pick up a few essentials, and then we were back on the road for a couple hours until we got to the Hoover dam.HOOVERHOOVERDAM

We then continued our journey towards Arizona when we encountered some dark clouds ahead of us.IMAG1330IMAG1331

My friend Amy had a fear of lightening storms so I pulled over into a gas station to pick up some apple juice and snacks, hoping the dark clouds would pass.

When we headed back onto the road, Amy decided to drive for a bit and in the video she will tell you what steps to take if you find yourself in the middle of a lightening storm.

Once we passed, what was for Amy, the “apocalypse” storm cloud, we headed towards bluer skies.IMAG1332BLUE

Next video… We arrive into Sedona, Arizona!


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