I feel as though going through the last few bands, the most common factor has been that the last time I’ve seen some of these bands play was 2 years ago! ZERBIN is no exception!IMG_8665The last set of photos I took of this band was, in fact, two years ago performing at Lucky Bar, and the video I posted (I’m not sure why I took it down, but I feel as though I need to re-upload it again. If so, the link will be here: https://youtu.be/HIG09lSXQ64) of them doing a cover of Sufjan Stevens “Chicago”.

I think I knew I was going to enjoy this performance because lead singer, Jason Zerbin is always energetic on stage. And like the previous years, I always try to catch him mid-air!

Here is a clip of them performing LIVE at Rock the Shores:


IMG_8830 IMG_8818 IMG_8814 IMG_8787 IMG_8785 IMG_8765 IMG_8757 IMG_8752 IMG_8733 IMG_8732 IMG_8725 IMG_8716 IMG_8714 IMG_8709 IMG_8702 IMG_8687 IMG_8685 IMG_8684 IMG_8683 IMG_8682 IMG_8678 IMG_8672 IMG_8671IMG_8667  IMG_8661 IMG_8659 IMG_8658 IMG_8650 IMG_8648 IMG_8641 IMG_8637 IMG_8633 IMG_8630 IMG_8627 IMG_8620 IMG_8613 IMG_8608 IMG_8604 IMG_8599 IMG_8596 IMG_8587 IMG_8584 IMG_8547 IMG_8543 IMG_8542 IMG_8538 IMG_8527 IMG_8525 IMG_8524 IMG_8518 IMG_8515 IMG_8499 IMG_8496 IMG_8487 IMG_8486 IMG_8485 IMG_8484 IMG_8475 IMG_8472 IMG_8469 IMG_8467 IMG_8466 IMG_8464 IMG_8458 IMG_8456 IMG_8453 IMG_8446

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