The Black Keys

I think I can say for a lot of people it was a HUGE deal that THE BLACK KEYS were headlining Saturday night at Rock the Shores this year.IMG_8140Atomique Productions producers, Nick Blasko and Dimitri Demers partnered up with Pemberton Music Fest this year which created room for many amazing artists to play this wonderful festival.

I think over the years I think my pride as someone who has grown up in Victoria (even though I live in Vancouver now), see all these amazing artists who I never thought I would see perform at my hometown, play at one of the festivals I’ve grown to really love and appreciate.

No matter what the numbers are each year of attendance, whether it’s less or more, I think (including Rifflandia) it would always be something I’ll be proud of happening on the island I grew up in.

Here are some clips of The Black Keys performing at the festival:

IMG_8426 IMG_8422 IMG_8406 IMG_8405 IMG_8398 IMG_8395 IMG_8393 IMG_8392 IMG_8388 IMG_8386 IMG_8365 IMG_8364 IMG_8349 IMG_8341 IMG_8334 IMG_8324 IMG_8316 IMG_8296 IMG_8286 IMG_8285 IMG_8277 IMG_8271 IMG_8267 IMG_8253 IMG_8251 IMG_8243 IMG_8242 IMG_8235 IMG_8234 IMG_8226 IMG_8223 IMG_8215 IMG_8212 IMG_8206 IMG_8204 IMG_8189 IMG_8182 IMG_8174 IMG_8172 IMG_8166 IMG_8033 IMG_8037 IMG_8040 IMG_8045 IMG_8047 IMG_8049 IMG_8050 IMG_8057 IMG_8060 IMG_8064 IMG_8065 IMG_8067 IMG_8069 IMG_8070 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8081 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8090 IMG_8093 IMG_8095 IMG_8099 IMG_8102 IMG_8104 IMG_8105 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8115 IMG_8117 IMG_8119 IMG_8131 IMG_8132 IMG_8134 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8138IMG_8143 IMG_8150 IMG_8151 IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8162 IMG_8163

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