I’m not really sure what I just saw on that stage, but it wasn’t…bad?

Watching PPL MVR was like watching Zookeeper x 2 with three mythical badass creatures.IMG_9664There have been rumours circulating as to who are in those costumes… but I’ll let you Google that yourself 🙂

You couldn’t really understand what they’re saying, because duh,they’re “not-human” c’mon guys!

My friend Tyson (YYJROCKTOGRAPHERS) also did an interview with them that you can check out here:


IMG_9747 IMG_9743 IMG_9742 IMG_9733 IMG_9727 IMG_9725 IMG_9718 IMG_9717 IMG_9715 IMG_9713 IMG_9712 IMG_9711 IMG_9706 IMG_9703 IMG_9693 IMG_9686 IMG_9685 IMG_9681 IMG_9677 IMG_9676 IMG_9675 IMG_9673 IMG_9671IMG_9661 IMG_9659 IMG_9658 IMG_9657 IMG_9649 IMG_9647 IMG_9646 IMG_9643 IMG_9642 IMG_9640 IMG_9639 IMG_9638 IMG_9634 IMG_9631 IMG_9629 IMG_9626 IMG_9569 IMG_9576 IMG_9579 IMG_9580 IMG_9584 IMG_9586 IMG_9593 IMG_9594 IMG_9605 IMG_9608 IMG_9609 IMG_9611 IMG_9614 IMG_9616 IMG_9620 IMG_9621 IMG_9622 IMG_9623 IMG_9624

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