Father John Misty

FATHER JOHN MISTY — 3 years ago I saw him perform at a sold out show at LUCKY BAR.  I was so excited because his first album “Fear Fun” was maybe one of my favourite albums that year.

Josh Tillman still has the most craziest dance moves and a dry almost sarcastic humor that if you aren’t already familiar with that, it could come off as a little stand-off-ish. To be honest, I wasn’t that familiar with his current album, so it was nice to listen to it throughout his set.IMG_0345

Here are a few clips put together from some of his set at Rock the Shores:


IMG_0404 IMG_0395 IMG_0392 IMG_0391 IMG_0385 IMG_0379 IMG_0373 IMG_0371 IMG_0366 IMG_0365 IMG_0356 IMG_0347 IMG_0342 IMG_0340 IMG_0339 IMG_0331 IMG_0328 IMG_0326 IMG_0324 IMG_0322 IMG_0321 IMG_0320 IMG_0318 IMG_0312 IMG_0310 IMG_0308 IMG_0305 IMG_0303 IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0300 IMG_0298 IMG_0290 IMG_0284 IMG_0275 IMG_0266 IMG_0264 IMG_0258 IMG_0252 IMG_0247 IMG_0239 IMG_0237 IMG_0236 IMG_0233 IMG_0230 IMG_0229 IMG_0225 IMG_0223 IMG_0222 IMG_0219 IMG_0206

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