I was basically stuck in this horrible traffic at the ferry terminal:IMAG1263

The signs basically read: “VICTORIA – SALES HELD – PLEASE WAIT” and “ALL SALES HELD – SALES WILL RESUME SHORTLY” and “VICTORIA – 1 SAILING WAIT”.THESE ARE SIGNS I DON’T WANT TO SEE! This is maybe the second time I’ve had this happen to me, but I was further back , so I guess I should be grateful (?).

I was going at break-neck turtle speed towards the 6pm sailing as I finally got past the booths. As the line of cars in front of me were slowly inching ahead and stopping, I had a feeling there was no way I would make it onto the 6pm ferry. I had a pre-emptive text message already typed up and ready to go about not making the meeting at 8pm.  Imagine my surprise, by not only successfully boarding the 6pm sailing, but I was literally the last car!

The car that was in front of me that you see in the photo above — funny story — when they got to the booth, I saw the driver hand the attendant their debit card and I instantly knew: uh oh. Because they only accept cash or credit. You can tell the driver was confused because they obviously had no cash nor debit, so they were told to pull up to the front of the booth but towards the left side, not obstructing traffic. My guess is the attendant told the driver they could run to an ATM booth up further ahead to get cash.

In a way, I should thank them. Because of that, I took (what would have been) there spot on the ferry! Cheers! 🙂


And, I’m thinking about doing a “festival vibe” type of video…. but we’ll see 🙂

Until Thursday, remember to “Do good. Be good.”


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