Music by my good friends, TOWERS AND TREES, “West Coast”

We are leaving today! We have to leave our campsite at 11am, andd I took this photo a little past 7 in the morning. I woke up once at 5am and then again an hour later and I figured it’s so nice out I really want to go down to the beach. So, I got dressed and told my friend Amy where I was going (because safety, kids).


I walked down and there were maybe a few people on the beach walking their dogs. It wasn’t windy at all! It was just perfect.IMG_1726 IMG_1725

There was a little bit of fog in the morning, but that mostly cleared up a half hour later. It was probably the most peaceful and refreshing mornings I’ve had in a long while. After maybe 45 minutes of just staring and listening to the waves crashing, two of my friends came down to join me.

Eventually we headed back to our campsite and started packing up all of our stuff and took down our tents. We said our goodbyes and “see you later in a few weeks!” at Sarah’s wedding.

The drive back was interesting. As we drove towards town the once clear, sunny, blue skies now turned into a yellow hue and it was like someone put an Instagram filter over my eyes. It was eerily yellow and muggy out. Like I was waiting for apocalyptic monsters to come bursting out of the sky!

But alas, none came.

The real cause was due to the wildfires from the B.C. Interior. I also read that there were some reports of ash fall, which is pretty crazy.

After running a few errands I headed towards B.C. ferries to head back to Vancouver.

IMAG1248**My favorite spot on the ferry.

Until next time!


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