I was really contemplating on whether or not I should head downtown with friends to check out events happening there. But, I just didn’t feel like having to skytrain over and deal with all the crowds haha Instead, as luck would have it, my friends, JON & ROY were performing in Burnaby and my friend Darcy was the sound guy for the event. Also, 54-40 were headlining and I haven’t seen them perform since ROCK THE SHORES last year and the venue was 20 minutes away from my place! The choice was clearly obvious. I “lightly” ditched my friends and headed solo over to Swangard Stadium.

I figured because it was a “FREE event” I assumed that lugging my camera gear would be okay. I was wrong. Unfortunately, they won’t let in anyone with professional-looking cameras? So, instead of just going and shooting the show without any hassle, I had to call my friend Stephen (manager of Jon & Roy) to see if he could get me in. I felt so bad! But he is such a great friend and he got in touch with one of the guys from the band to come walk me in. (Thanks, Lou!).

The place was filled with parents and there kids or teenagers, and tents full of activities and delicious food! The stage was right in front of the stadium to the side, and the fireworks were on the field, behind the stage, which was fenced along the perimeter. The sun was shining, but because of where the stage was located, we were granted wonderful shade!

I found and said hi to my friend, Darcy and he was kind enough to give me a bottle of water (which I needed, because I’ve never actually been to Swangard Stadium, so it took me a little longer than necessary to find it, until I remember reading it was off of Kingsway and Boundary — which should’ve been the ONLY clue I needed to find the venue).

Here’s Darcy:IMG_5447

And a few other photos:

IMG_5044 IMG_5052 IMG_5062 IMG_5151 IMG_5181 IMG_5197 IMG_5203 IMG_5220 IMG_5231

It was probably my first “community experience” being still new to the city itself and Burnaby, so it was pretty cool to see these types of events happening nearby.

MOSTLY MARLEY performed and they were probably the only band I’ve never seen live. I felt from the name itself I would get Bob Marley vibes. And I wasn’t far off and I didn’t hate it. If anything, I was singing along!


(More HERE)


If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of them!

IMG_5364 IMG_5420

(More HERE)

And lastly, 54-40. I think I actually liked this performance more than Rock the Shores!

IMG_5701 IMG_5635

(More HERE)

And the evening ended with me leaving a little bit before the fireworks because I had to get up early for work tomorrow and had a bunch of stuff to do beforehand. All-in-all it was a really fun, neat, community experience.

Until next time!


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