We left Astoria and headed towards Seaside, Oregon!

We had like a few hours before our check-in time which was at 4pm. So, we had loads of time to wander around the beach and checked out the shops.

IMG_4784 IMG_4775

IMG_4809 IMG_4815 IMG_4824Once we finally got to our room at the ‘Inn at the Shore Seaside’ we rested for a couple hours before we set out to dinner.

We walked around the seaside for a good 30min until we got to the restaurant at Norma’s Seafood and Steak. The staff were really good and efficient! I wish every restaurant was like that!

We walked back to our room through the beach and the dunes.

Next day, we head out towards Cannon Beach!!! My 10-year old self and current self is literally jumping with excitement! 😀


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