DAY 2: We set out around 9am and headed towards the Oregon coast!

First stop, ASTORIA!!! The name that sounds like a land that belongs in a Fairytale!

We immediately explored the pier by the water and walked along there. We visited a few shops (a vintage store and a record/music/pet store) and walked around where the boats were.

IMG_4714 IMG_4719

IMG_4725 IMG_4728 IMG_4733 IMG_4736 IMG_4745 IMG_4752

We then had some lunch at Fort George Brewery + Public House which was delicious and the service was awesome! They accidentally gave me the soup (clam chowder, and it was most excellent) when I ordered a salad with my burger, so they gave it to me for free! (YAY!) — I DEVOURED IT ALL! 🙂


MENUBURGERAfterwards, we headed to Seaside, Oregon!


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