Jesse Roper

It was really good to see Jesse again and having a few minutes to catch up with him backstage. He is honestly such a down-to-earth and one of the nicest guys I’ve met!

Here’s a¬†video of a few clips I put together¬†of some of Jesse’s performances:

IMG_4116 IMG_4113 IMG_4112 IMG_4111 IMG_4106 IMG_4098 IMG_4096 IMG_4094 IMG_4090 IMG_4086 IMG_4082 IMG_4078 IMG_4071 IMG_4068 IMG_4067 IMG_4066 IMG_4064 IMG_4063 IMG_4062 IMG_4061 IMG_4058 IMG_4057 IMG_4055 IMG_4054 IMG_4028 IMG_4021 IMG_4020 IMG_4019

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