Andrew McMahon in the WIlderness w/ Junior Prom and Hunter Hunted

Todays video is the time I went to go see someone who I’ve been wanting to see perform live SINCE THE BEGINNING OF FOREVER (meaning 2003/4)? ANDREW MCMAHON!!!!  aka SOMETHING CORPORATE and JACK’S MANNEQUIN

The opening bands:
Junior Prom:
Hunter Hunted:

Andrew McMahon:

Both opening bands were awesome! I legit went home and listened and bought all of their music! And, you should go and check them out too!

I ALMOST wished I could’ve taken live photos of the show, but my friends bought me these tickets for my birthday, soooo CAN’T COMPLAIN!  And, I got to see one of the stage managers from Rifflandia Music Festival who was also working the event for UNION EVENTS (who were the promoters of the show) GOOD JOB GETTING THIS ACT! LOVE HIM!

Photography Website:


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