KYTAMI: It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her perform since the Vancouver Island Music Awards last year! She’s been so busy starting her fall tour! I’m so happy for her!

You will see a little bit of her performance┬áin episode 4 on my YouTube channel! (It’s only a tiny bit, because I was dancing a lot):

IMG_9470 IMG_9469 IMG_9465 IMG_9463 IMG_9460 IMG_9459 IMG_9446 IMG_9433 IMG_9431 IMG_9426 IMG_9425 IMG_9413 IMG_9405 IMG_9403 IMG_9401 IMG_9393 IMG_9391 IMG_9383 IMG_9378 IMG_9377 IMG_9376 IMG_9375 IMG_9370 IMG_9360 IMG_9359 IMG_9353 IMG_9347 IMG_9327 IMG_9484 IMG_9476 IMG_9475 IMG_9473

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