Choir Choir Choir + The Choir

CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR + THE CHOIR – reminds me of when I was in choir in elementary school but they’re singing was way better and funner than old catholic school songs! Listening to them rehearse before there set was a lot of fun too, while sitting on the grass and enjoying the early afternoon sun.

You will see a little bit of them in episode 4 on my YouTube channel:

IMG_9305 IMG_9304 IMG_9299 IMG_9273 IMG_9272 IMG_9271 IMG_9270 IMG_9269 IMG_9268 IMG_9267 IMG_9266 IMG_9265 IMG_9263 IMG_9258 IMG_9256 IMG_9255 IMG_9254 IMG_9253 IMG_9252 IMG_9251 IMG_9249 IMG_9248 IMG_9247 IMG_9246 IMG_9311 IMG_9306

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