We Are Scientists

WE ARE SCIENTISTS, a band i’ve been excited to see perform live since hearing them on my friends iTunes a couple years back!

You will see a little bit of them in episode 3 on my YouTube channel:


IMG_8418 IMG_8417 IMG_8415 IMG_8414 IMG_8399 IMG_8398 IMG_8396 IMG_8394 IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8390 IMG_8388 IMG_8386 IMG_8383 IMG_8381 IMG_8379 IMG_8378 IMG_8376 IMG_8374 IMG_8372 IMG_8371 IMG_8368 IMG_8365 IMG_8362 IMG_8359 IMG_8358 IMG_8353 IMG_8340 IMG_8338 IMG_8329 IMG_8326 IMG_8324 IMG_8323 IMG_8322 IMG_8321 IMG_8320 IMG_8310 IMG_8307 IMG_8304 IMG_8303 IMG_8299 IMG_8297 IMG_8296 IMG_8295 IMG_8293 IMG_8285 IMG_8284 IMG_8283 IMG_8280 IMG_8279 IMG_8272 IMG_8271 IMG_8270 IMG_8264 IMG_8263 IMG_8262 IMG_8255 IMG_8426 IMG_8424 IMG_8421 IMG_8419

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