Reuban and the Dark

REUBAN AND THE DARK reminded me a lot of HEY MARSEILLES (minus a fiddler)! who also opened last year at Rifflandia! Both times, the opening bands always surprises me because I always end up liking them afterwards and listening to every song they’ve ever comeĀ out with.

You will see a little bit of them in episode 3 on my YouTube channel:

IMG_8045 IMG_8044 IMG_8042 IMG_8041 IMG_8039 IMG_8034 IMG_8031 IMG_8027 IMG_8024 IMG_8022 IMG_8020 IMG_8019 IMG_8016 IMG_8015 IMG_8014 IMG_8013

IMG_8009 IMG_8008 IMG_8007 IMG_8005 IMG_8002 IMG_8001 IMG_7999 IMG_7998 IMG_7994 IMG_7991 IMG_7990 IMG_7989

IMG_7988 IMG_7987 IMG_7986 IMG_7985 IMG_7983 IMG_7982 IMG_7980 IMG_7979 IMG_7958 IMG_7960 IMG_7961 IMG_7962

IMG_7963 IMG_7964 IMG_7970 IMG_7972 IMG_7974 IMG_7975 IMG_7977 IMG_8051 IMG_8049 IMG_8047 IMG_8046

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