Matt & Kim

Well, MATT & KIM were a HUGE surprise for me! I wasn’t expecting that sort of performance at all! It was crazy and awesome! The energy in the park stage tent was engulfed with confetti and balloons that the crowd was made to blow up themselves and throw up into the air! It was great!

I honestly don’t remember any of their records sounding anything quite like (dance electronic pop) that before. Which made me reconsider in listening to all their albums again! From my memory, I thought they sounded more mellow but I was obviously wrong and need to give them another chance.

With Kim taking a walk on top of the crowd and the duos hilarious sexual comments to each other and sometimes to the crowd — the headliners closing off the side stage of the festival gave the crowd a wonderful and memorable show!

Here’s a video of the crowd that night. Sorry about the bass half-way through, but you can get the gist:

I can’t wait to see them again!

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