Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

I can’t believe I got to see EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROES┬áLIVE and all in its technicolor glory!

I kept hearing how amazing they were from almost all my friends who have seen them last year and I can see why! They are such a cool bunch and even invited a girl up on stage with them to sing along to one of their last songs of the night! Shared the mic around to a couple people to tell their inspiring stories, and all throughout the performances my friend was texting telling me she can hear the band perfectly from where she was which was about a 45min drive away. She would text me the title to each song as she heard it from her balcony! She sounded just as excited as I was!

Meanwhile, another friend of mine was trying to climb the fence at the festival to hear the band even closer (haha).

Here’s a video I recorded of them performing “Truth”


IMG_4637 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4643 IMG_4645 IMG_4649 IMG_4650 IMG_4652 IMG_4656 IMG_4659 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4663 IMG_4664 IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4674 IMG_4676 IMG_4677 IMG_4682 IMG_4683 IMG_4686 IMG_4688 IMG_4691 IMG_4693 IMG_4699 IMG_4703 IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4711 IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4722 IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4725 IMG_4729 IMG_4730 IMG_4733 IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4741 IMG_4742 IMG_4743 IMG_4745 IMG_4747 IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4753 IMG_4754 IMG_4756 IMG_4757 IMG_4760 IMG_4765 IMG_4766

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