Bosnian Rainbows

At first when I saw the lead singer from BOSNIAN RAINBOWS start to sing, I honestly thought (and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one) that she was feeling sick or that she was going to throw up on the stage. TOTALLY NOT!

It was great! All four musicians make the most silliest faces that look as though they have the bad case of indigestion.  Their lead singer Teri has the most wicked dance moves ever! If she, Father John Misty and Buck 65 ever get together, their would be a mad dance off happening!

IMG_3760 IMG_3759 IMG_3758 IMG_3757 IMG_3756 IMG_3755 IMG_3754 IMG_3752 IMG_3750 IMG_3749 IMG_3748 IMG_3747 IMG_3744 IMG_3743 IMG_3741 IMG_3739 IMG_3737 IMG_3736 IMG_3733 IMG_3731 IMG_3730 IMG_3729 IMG_3726 IMG_3725 IMG_3723 IMG_3721

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