De La Soul

First saw DE LA SOUL at RIFFLANDIA two years ago (and this was still in the beginning of when I first started to take live concert photography).  It was definitely nice to see them again, as they always put on an amazing show.

IMG_9605 IMG_9527 IMG_9525 IMG_9524 IMG_9545 IMG_9539 IMG_9535 IMG_9534 IMG_9556 IMG_9554 IMG_9548 IMG_9546 IMG_9551 IMG_9549 IMG_9567 IMG_9566 IMG_9560 IMG_9557 IMG_9573 IMG_9570 IMG_9569 IMG_9568 IMG_9577 IMG_9576 IMG_9575 IMG_9574 IMG_9585 IMG_9583 IMG_9580 IMG_9578 IMG_9604 IMG_9597 IMG_9595 IMG_9591 IMG_9603 IMG_9600 IMG_9598 IMG_9611 IMG_9610 IMG_9609 IMG_9612 IMG_9614 IMG_9617 IMG_9618

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