Buck 65

What an amazing blend of incredible stage presence and raps, topped by amazing dance moves!

Unfortunately, the sound on this video is a bit “bass-muffled” (not sure what the “technical” term for that is, I’m sure one of my videographer friends can tell me). But otherwise, it does highlight Buck 65’s wonderful dance moves 🙂

What was most incredible was when he jumped into the crowd after his set and started signing autographs and taking photos with long time and/or newer fans. Ranging from signing the back of cellphone cases to hats to somebody’s body tattoo — the crowd was ecstatic.


IMG_9424 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9441 IMG_9450 IMG_9364 IMG_9363 IMG_9360 IMG_9356 IMG_9369 IMG_9368 IMG_9367 IMG_9365 IMG_9384 IMG_9382 IMG_9372 IMG_9371 IMG_9381 IMG_9373 IMG_9391 IMG_9389 IMG_9388 IMG_9385 IMG_9395 IMG_9394 IMG_9393 IMG_9392 IMG_9404 IMG_9403 IMG_9402 IMG_9397 IMG_9417 IMG_9416 IMG_9408 IMG_9407 IMG_9412 IMG_9411 IMG_9423 IMG_9421 IMG_9419 IMG_9418 IMG_9432 IMG_9428 IMG_9425 IMG_9450 IMG_9452 IMG_9469 IMG_9472

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