This is also the first time that I’ve seen Snoqualmie perform as well!

I was told a few minutes before the band started playing that the lead singer, Blake Enemark, used to play for We Are The City and Forestry, this also includes being a travelling guitarist for other bands as well! Busy guy.

You can check out their debut album on bandcamp (the link is below).

DSC10579 DSC10580 DSC10581 DSC10582 DSC10583 DSC10584 DSC10585 DSC10586 DSC10587 DSC10588 DSC10589 DSC10590 DSC10591 DSC10592 DSC10593 DSC10594 DSC10595 DSC10596 DSC10597 DSC10598 DSC10599 DSC10600 DSC10601 DSC10602 DSC10603 DSC10604 DSC10605 DSC10606 DSC10607 DSC10608 DSC10609 DSC10610 DSC10611 DSC10612 DSC10613 DSC10614 DSC10615 DSC10616 DSC10617 DSC10618 DSC10619 DSC10620 DSC10621 DSC10622 DSC10623 DSC10624


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