Chris Ho

I’ve been waiting for CHRIS to release this album since the time I shot a bit of it when him and his friends were in the studio working on a track! (Photos here.)

(Video taken by Darren Ho)

Such an awesome experience, I totally underestimated the time and energy musicians put when producing and recording an album — and that was only two days in Dec 2011!!! It took a whole year and a bit for this album to finally be released!

Well done!

DSC10521 DSC10518 DSC10519 DSC10520 DSC10515 DSC10516 DSC10517 DSC10511 DSC10512 DSC10513 DSC10514 DSC10522 DSC10523 DSC10524 DSC10525 DSC10526 DSC10527 DSC10528 DSC10529 DSC10530 DSC10531 DSC10532 DSC10533 DSC10534 DSC10535 DSC10536 DSC10537 DSC10538 DSC10539 DSC10540 DSC10541 DSC10542 DSC10543 DSC10544 DSC10545 DSC10546 DSC10547 DSC10548 DSC10549 DSC10550 DSC10551 DSC10552 DSC10553

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