Father John Misty

I first heard the name FATHER JOHN MISTY when I read an interview from YOU, ME & CHARLIE by Spencer Moya (@spencerrjames), or maybe even before that on Dianna’s Tumblr, whenever it was I am thankful to them for introducing me to this amazing band!

Father John Misty, is the name JOSH TILLMAN came up with whom you may recognize from FLEET FOXES.  His introduction that night pretty much went like this: “I’m just a guy who’s going to sing you some songs, tell some jokes and dance a little bit.” And boy, did he dance! With a bottle of Patrón in his right hand and the mic in his other, him and his band gave an amazing performance! But I think Josh’s dance moves is what really stole the show!

These are just a few songs that are my favorite off his record “Fear Fun.”

I only wish I had more room to move about to take more photos, but the room was packed as the show SOLD OUT (rightfully so!) — I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them.


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