Rich Aucoin

Taking photos of Rich Aucoin and watching him perform is ALWAYS a treat!

He always starts out projecting something on the screen behind him that usually says “Congrats on being alive!” and who could ever forget the little boy near the end of the video.  I’m not going to spoil and tell you much about that wonderful little boy until you’ve seen Rich Aucoin perform live!

It was also the day before Rich’s birthday so his bandmates presented him with a cake on stage!

I like trying to make it out to every Rich Aucoin performance ever since I’ve seen him perform back in March! He is such a fun personality to be around and watch – if you haven’t seen/heard of him before, well hopefully this video (that my friend Adam shot) and photos I’ve took of him at this festival will help persuade you 🙂

Another reason why he is just out of this world: he put up his cellphone number on the screen behind him so people can text him and he would send them a link to his music for free!


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