Christopher Arruda

My friend asked me to go with her to see Christopher Arruda and I’m so glad she did because his acoustic set was really good.

Chris spoke and sang to the audience in such a soft voice, it was very entrancing.  But as soon as he gets to a passionate part in the song his voice resounds inside the theatre beautifully.

Singing some of his original songs including his single “Stork” (which you can watch the performance below that my friend Adam recorded), he sang a couple of covers from Radiohead’s “Black Star” to Ray LaMontagne’s “Jolene” (which when he asked the crowd how many have heard of Ray, my friend and I were the only one’s that acknowledged that we did!).

Chris’ performance was such a great start to my Rifflandia weekend, I’m forever grateful to my friend Carmanah for suggesting him to me!

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