Shred Kelly

One of the many bands who will be on CBC’s Track On Tracks NxNE tour this year is SHRED KELLY – a five-person band from Fenrie, BC!

The band consists of Tim Newton (Vocal, banjo, ukulele, guitar), Sage McBride (Vocal, keys), Jordan Vlasschaert (Bass), Steve Polit (Guitar) and Ian Page-Shiner (Drums).

One of the many songs they played such as, “Rowed Away”, “Bear”, “New Black” and “Tornado Alley” – the one I remembered liking the most was “Ghost Inside My Head” which had Tim playing on the Ukelele.

I wish them the best of luck on tour with Quoia, Tracks on Tracks Tour and seeing them again at Tall Tree Music Festival in June!

Here’s a video of them by Green Couch Sessions playing “Tornado Alley”

Check out their Website, Facebook page, and Twitter for more updates and information!

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