Tremble Aspen

TREMBLE ASPEN — is a newly formed band playing it’s first debut show tonight at the Solstice Cafe — Kiana BrassetJesse Boland, Stephen James and Mitch Hahn.

I’ve seen Kiana play countless times with other bands so as soon as she told me that her new band was debuting tonight it was no surprise to me that I wouldn’t be there!

Playing original songs written by Kiana, such as: After Zed and Gatsby were among a few of my favourites and also an Untitled song that they have yet given a name to as well.  I think they should just call it Tremble Aspen as it is in the lyrics and all, but that might just be too obvious…

They did an amazing job for such a new young band, I’m sure I will see them play again!

**Sidenote: Unfortunately, from where I was sitting, I could’t get a really good shot of their drummer – I tried! (I’m sorry!) I mean he did come all the way from Nanaimo, so next time, I promise I will try harder to snap a few photos of you!

To find out when the band is playing next, check out their Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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