Sidney York

SIDNEY YORK — an Indie Avant-Pop group made up of Brandi Sidoryk (Keys, French Horn, guitar and Ukelele), Sheryl Reinhardt (Oboe), and Krista Wodelet (Bassoon). Accompanying them tonight are Colin McTaggart (guitar), Neil Dorin (bass), and Luke Cyca (drums).

When Colin invited me to go see them play at LUCKY BAR I immediately looked them up to see what sort of music they played.

The first video I watched was “Stalker” and I thought it was such a fun parody of a woman (played by Brandi) stalking a man who clearly wants nothing to do with her.

Another song they played was their first single off of their new album Apocalyptic Radio Cynic — “Dick & Jane”, a very upbeat song that got a lot of people dancing!

Playing, what is the first for me, a blend of instruments I would never have thought I would see, such as a bassoon, caters to the bands very unique sound. Meaning, it’s amazing and you should just buy their album!

Sidney York is currently on tour until March 16th across Canada, you can check out Tour Dates on their Website!

To watch more videos check out their YouTube page, and follow them on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!

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