Lindsay Bryan

I FINALLY got to see LINDSAY BRYAN perform after her many guest appearances with other bands and artists such as Jean-Paul Maurice, Sunday Buckets, Steph MacPherson and Vince Vaccaro. She also plays along with JP on every other Thursday nights with a cover band called The Make-Ups at Darcy’s Pub! I’ve heard they are amazing and I’m still trying to find time to go myself!

Lindsay’s EP Skyscraper I thought is amazing and brilliant! She has been nominated for 3 Vancouver Island Music Awards this year: Female Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year, AND Artist of the Year! CONGRATULATIONS!

Next to her single, “Skyscraper” a close favourite of mine of hers is “Out of Sight.”

But what I’m REALLY looking forward to though on her next album is a song she wrote recently called “Put You Out” which was an instant favourite of mine as soon as she uploaded it on YouTube.

It is sincerely a great album you should ALL listen to here and purchase! Make sure to check out her Facebook page as well as follow her on Twitter for more updates!

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