Vince Vaccaro

One of THE best shows I’ve seen this year! VINCE VACARRO made quite the entrance as he comes running in front of the stage with a handful of incense sticks and just wafts the smoke in and around the stage.

Joined alongside him are Rob Hamilton, Rick May, Jean-Paul Maurice, and Conner Waddell.

Playing songs such as “Brother”, “Exile”, “Little Candle” and many others, Vince even surprised the crowd by having a couple of his friends hand out some flowers to the audience in the middle of his set! Such an incredible show!

For his last song he asked everyone who has a camera to record his cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and send it to him as this was dedicated to his brother. I decided to put my camera down and raise my iPhone instead and started recording!

To hear more of his songs check out his Facebook and Bandcamp page!



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