Nicole Byblow

NICOLE BYBLOW was just finishing up her own Fall tour decided to join CHRIS HO on a mini West Coast tour in the next few days!

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Nicole and her music, so I was very interested into hearing her play.

She started off with a song called “Things I Learned When I Worked At The Hospital” to a brand new song she was inspired to write about how John Lennon wanted to sound like the Beach Boys, and this is her song in which she tries to sound like Elton John called “Less Like You.”

Playing other songs off from her EP “Plays All The White Keys” including: “If I’m Lucky”, “February”, a cover to Ben Folds’ “Because the Origami” and ended with the first title track on her EP “They Didn’t Think So”.

I would definitely recommend listening to her music and buying her album!

To learn more about Nicole check out her: Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for more updates!

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