Dante Jordan & Karma

A little bit about the artist DANTE JORDAN:

Making music therapeutically Dante Jordan believes in the natural feeling of hip hop lyrics rather than focus on illusions and commercialism. An mc/producer from Victoria, British Columbia, Dante completed his first full length album “4 those who didn’t notice…” in his basement with minimal recording equipment. Few copies of the CD were released in 2005 and considered by many to be a local underground classic. In 2006 he created and released “Let It Be Known”, with a more prominent sound, the album was unfortunately released not as intended due to poor mastering qualities. After recording many more songs he came out with the 22 track LP “Lifted Productions” in 2008. This CD showed much improvement in production and recording techniques. It was originally intended to be a compilation, but became Dante’s third album as he was on all tracks and most of the production, it is a solid showcase of the Lifted sound. In 2010 Dante Jordan produced and released his 4th full length CD as well as a Karma solo debut “Vigilante”. This is certainly the best work yet from Lifted Productions until album number five to be released in 2012… Dante Jordan writes, produces, records and mixes all of his own music. The Vic town rapper has had his songs thump from Canadian LAV’s on patrol in Afghanistan to hot-boxed Hondas rolling around Saanich. He will not bite his tongue to get the point across. So wherever the beat takes us, expect the future to have Dante Jordan lifted and on the rise…

You can go to HipHopDownloads to find the links to purchase his music through iTunes.



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