The Boom Booms

Another band to cross off my list to see live is THE BOOM BOOMS!

Band members consist of: Aaron Ross, Geordie Hart, Tom Van Deursen, Theo Vincent, Richard Brinkman, and Sean Ross.

The six-man band hails from East Vancouver (which is embroidered on the back of there classy grey suit vests they wore).  The sound to this band is a mixture between Latin/funk/rock/soul and reggae.  They played many of the fan favourites, such as “Hot Rum“, “You Know”, “Crazy Flame” and many more! I’m still not very familiar with all of there songs just yet, but seing them live can motivate anyone to discover more of there music! I was surprised and happy when they started to play the cover to Bob Marley’s “One Love” which was a huge hit to the crowd as every one was singing along!

Not only are they known to throw a few community block parties from time-to-time in the past four years –THE BOOM BOOMS were also part of the PEAK PERFORMANCE PROJECT last year and placed 2nd place winning $75,000!

Expect to hear more from them (especially if you live in Brazil) as they are currently are on a two-month tour there and you can follow them as it will be documented online for all fans to see and be a part of! (how cool is that?!)

You can follow the bands adventures on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and on there website!

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