Rebecca Mason

I don’t know much about Rebecca Mason who not only sings but plays the keys, guitar, and violin — this was the first time I’ve ever heard of her and her sister Brittany Mason (vocals) and Rob Armstrong (guitar) play.

But, Rebecca’s voice reminds me of a blend between Tara Mclean and Jann Arden when I was listening to some of her songs on Soundcloud which I think is awesome! Her music flows with such originality and honesty.

From her bio on her site: “Rebecca’s early musical style was influenced by the classical music and Christian rock that provided the soundtrack to her childhood and adolescence.  She branched out after high school, immersing herself in the work of artists who would become her musical idols: honest and expressive performers ranging from Billie Holiday to Joni Mitchell to Sarah Harmer.  She admires the songwriting of Jennifer Knapp, Josh Ritter, and (of course) Bob Dylan.  Rebecca’s own songs tend to express themes of resisting and embracing change, of constraints and freedom, and of the questions of identity and meaning with which we all struggle.

You can find out more about Rebecca on her website and listen to some of her songs on soundcloud.

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