I’ve said it since last summer that I couldn’t wait for the day when CARMANAH would be headlining there own show (along with THE BOOM BOOMS no less!) — and my wish came true! It seemed like only yesterday when I first heard them open for SUNDAY BUCKETS and the amount of supporters and fans they have already accumulated was going to grow even more!

I remember the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard them start playing on stage — “Is…is that a violin?!” (Turns to friend. Turns back to the stage.) “It’s official – I like them! What’s there name!?” I was hooked.

I am so proud and happy for them! Although I can’t really call myself the #1 Fan since I still don’t own a “Carmanah” t-shirt and I know of at least 3 people who I’ve seen at almost every show (props to them, by the way!) supporting them probably from the very beginning! And I don’t blame them!

With the ever so talented and beautiful voice and violin/flute skills of Laura Mitic, the ever so distinct “growling voice” of Pat Ferguson on guitar and djembe, the amazing skills and good looks of Jesse Crawford playing the bass, Mike Baker on guitar and saxophone (who can melt any girls heart) and Daniel Frey beating the drums and setting the energy level high up from the moment they start is quite the group of talented musicians!

Always willing to talk to new and old fans before and after there set and joining in on the dance floor, CARMANAH brings such amazing energy on or off stage — I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them! (always).

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, you can also listen/purchase there songs on Bandcamp as well!

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