Geneviève Rainey

Introduced as GENEVIEVE RAINEY and the mildly handsome JAMES BURROUGHS — Geneviève has lived in Victoria for five years and then moved to Vancouver afterwards.

Gracing us with her amazing voice you can find her EP here on her BandCamp page and check out her MySpace page.

About Ms. Rainey: “Somewhere between then and now and between the shores of the Canadian Atlantic and the shores of the Canadian Pacific, she lived, played and released her second full-length effort entitled “Because There’s A Reason For This” (independent 2000 on CD).Shortly afterwards she was awarded first place in BC for The 10th Annual National Songwriting Competition (Put on by our friends at Canada Music Week) and after competing against the other provincial winners, Genevieve took home second place in all of Canada for her song “5 Speed Heart”.

My friends and I instantly became a fan and hope to hear and see her perform again soon!

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