The Dyeing Merchants

Another band I just heard of tonight! THE DYEING MERCHANTS consisting of: Jzero Schuurman, Renee Crawford, and Robert Coslett.

As always whenever I hear another band I’m more interested in hearing what they sound like than taking photos — which is exactly what has happened here (haha). They were amazing! And for the whole entire night I kept wondering who the band who played first was! I don’t know how I missed it in the beginning but I did! I only found out later the next day who they were!

THE DYEING MERCHANTS have already made there mark in the Canadian music scene nationally on College radio and various venues across Canada! I’m excited to hear more from them in the New Year! (Another Canadian favourite added to the list of bands I have discovered this past year…which is A LOT!)

To find out more about this band check out there Website and Facebook Bandpage!

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