Rocky Mountain Rebel Music

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN REBEL MUSIC is a band I’ve only just heard of recently! So the fact that DOPE SODA was opening for them and their guitarist, Greg Szabo is also in this band was a nice surprise!

I didn’t take that many photos because I’ve actually never heard any of their music before so I was more in-tuned of listening than snapping (for once – which as you know, is rare haha).

My first impression: “My this is a large band playing on such a small stage! How are they all going to fit?!”

The band consists of:

Andrew Murgatroyd: Vocals and Didjeridoo

Greg Szabo: Vocals and Guitar

Jesse Horwood: Lead Guitar

Eric Wickman: Bass

Simon Bailey: Drums

Martin Schoeps: Keys

Carol Fong: Trumpet

Andy Bishop: Saxophone

Mark Orton: Space Drum and Percussion

My last impression: “Oh my goodness! I wish I had cash so I could get their album!” (sad face). That seemed to have been the theme ALL night for me!

To hear what i’m talking about I suggest you check out there Website, Facebook Bandpage, and/or MySpace Page for more info and tracks! You may also follow them on Twitter as well!

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