The Belle Game

I FINALLY got to see THE BELLE GAME perform — since I missed them at RIFFLANDIA this year!

Because it was an EARLY show there wasn’t (unfortunately) that many people in attendance until later on that evening (it was also at a night club – had it been an ALL AGES show the turn-out would probably be out the door!)

Either way I still thought Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji, Katrina Jones, Rob Chursinoff, and Ian Cook entertained splendidly to all those who were there! I enjoyed it – and I had a great view from where I was standing so no complaints from me!

I can’t wait until they release there album (as they are currently working on it now), but you can listen and purchase there SLEEP TO GROW EP on there bandcamp page! If I had money on me I would’ve gotten one that night – for now I’ll just listen to it online (repeatedly) and wait to buy there “soon-to-be-a-hit” album when they are done making it and enjoy the free buttons they were giving out instead!

Victoria was there last stop on tour with HEY OCEAN that started in Saskatoon (If I remembered properly…). Hopefully the next time they come to play here we can show them that they do have a lot of fans here — Rifflandia only proved that since I kept hearing all good things about the band and how they “ROCKED IT…SO HARD!”

Oh well, it almost felt like a more intimate show and they played just as enthusiastically as if it were 1000+ people! Again, I was not disappointed (I wouldn’t really have noticed either way really). I was really excited when they played “Shoulders & Turns” since it was the first song they ever wrote and the first song I ever heard from them, I was happy!

You can follow this amazing band from Vancouver on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook BandPage, YouTube and a bunch of other links which you can find also on there Facebook page!

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