Hey Ocean

Last time I saw HEY OCEAN play was a few months ago in September at UVic when they were playing at Vertigo!

They played a few new songs off from there new album such as “New Love” and “Change” which Ashleigh Hall explained was “to all the ladies who had a man that dragged them down, this song is for you!”

Encouraging everyone on the dance floor to dance like crazy while they played their hit single “Make A New Dance Up” to playing a rendition of The Ronnette’s “Be My Baby” (which, like last time, appears I will always hope they will sing each time I see them perform because they do an incredible cover of it!) and “Fish” and many more! They also had THE BELLE GAME (who is on tour with them since November) come up and play a song with them as well.

Last but not least, they played a song for Randy Ponzio, a musician (also from Vancouver) who passed away earlier that week.  The song was called “Maps”: …we have traveled this way / all of our days / keep following the dotted lines…

I wish I could’ve stayed longer to grab an album and have them sign it – but again, I didn’t have cash on me (sad face) and I had to make it to another show afterwards, so it looks like I will have to wait until the album is available online to purchase.

As always I hope to see them perform again soon!

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2 thoughts on “Hey Ocean

  1. These pictures are amazing! Ah the memories they bring back, i’m a huge Hey Ocean fan and this was my first show 🙂

    The song they played for Randy is called ‘Maps’

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