Dope Soda

Well, Well, Well….What do we have here?

It seems our Trombone player, Dave St. Jean, who you’ve probably seen play with CURRENT SWELL has started his own project called DOPE SODA!!!

I was really excited to check them out when Dave asked if I wanted to take photos of his new band. Unfortunately the first time he asked me I was all set to go until I remembered I had a Fashion Show to shoot at on the same night they were playing in Nanaimo.  So I leapt at the chance to shoot for them tonight!

Led by Dave St. Jean, other members are:

Andrew Rollins – Drums
Anatol McGinnis – Bass
Greg Szabo – Guitar/Vox
Matt Carter – Keys/Synth/Vox/Bari Sax
Phil Hamlin – Trumpet

A Ska/Punk/Reggae/Rock band they were (as expected) to be very energetic and played an AMAZING set!

Look out for them in the future, i’m pretty you will be hearing more of them soon!

Congratulations for a great first show in Victoria, boys!

To find out more about the band check out there Facebook BandPage!

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