Jon & Roy

Always a great show!

Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer was accompanied tonight by bass guitarist Louis Sadava, who I also saw at Current Swells album release show at the MacPherson Playhouse and he sang “Brad’s Song” with them! (I knew he looked familiar!)

Dave St. Jean from Current Swell made a cameo appearance and played a few songs on the trombone (always a good time with Dave!) and near the end, Laura Mitic from CARMANAH played the violin (You can’t go wrong with a violin…ever!)

It was also Jon Middleton’s birthday tonight! What a cool way to celebrate then by playing wonderful music to all their fans?! Everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” and Laura playing it on the violin (haha)

All in all, it was a great show! Two of my favourite bands playing…how could I EVER pass that up?!

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