Lawrence Krisna Parker is NOT only a PIONEER of hip hop and culture, KRS-ONE (which is an acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) represents the “Voice.”

As soon as he came on the stage the crowd went insane! The whole club was packed all the way to the back!

His presence just enshrouds everyone as soon as he opens his mouth it’s done with a purpose and with such clarity and strength that I tried to type most of them out on my phone because I knew I was going to forget most of what he’s saying (haha)!

It became a moment where you find yourself leaning over slightly to better listen to what he’s saying because everything he says holds a philosophical meaning to what he thinks is important and what he wants everyone to consider:

“Hip hop isn’t on the radio, it’s here!” and he had everyone chanting it!

“Do you know what a lady is? Love and develop yourself. That’s a REAL lady.”

“Direct your mind” he tells the audience, because in his mind he pictured seeing himself himself on stage dripping with sweat since he first began in the business.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

“Hip is knowledge; Hop is movement.”

He then had a couple of b-boy’s and a b-girl come on stage to breakdance as he started to rap along to the beats of DJ Degree One — it was pretty epic.

Afterwards he gave a super long-amazing apology for not being able to come here years ago because he had an abscessed tooth and had to have surgery.

He had the sound guy turn up the mic SO high (which probably wasn’t even loud enough for him) everything was pretty much to the max! Not kidding, the soundboard was lit up with red lights! I was pretty thankful I had my earplugs in because not only did he KILL his performance and the beats the DJ was playing was SUPER LOUD but i’m pretty sure he probably killed a lot of people’s eardrums near the front of the stage as well! But it was SO WORTH IT! And I’m pretty sure not that many people cared.

KRS-ONE was just full of surprises — at one moment he will be rapping and then he tells the DJ to stop or turn the beats down low because he just came up with a poem and was glad someone was videoing (which was probably a good 20+ people) to record what he was saying because he probably won’t remember it all afterwards. Another was throwing out a few free CDs out into the crowd and then there was a moment when he walked off the stage and into the crowd around the club rapping along — it was amazing!

Even after signing autographs and taking pictures (which he told everyone who had a camera to come out to take photos with him) he went back onto the stage as people were leaving and started to rap a bit more until the clock hit 1:55am.

One of his last words he left to everyone before the show was over was: “Peace, Love, Unity and have fun!” 

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