CONSCIENCE — a hip hop group consisting of Brody MudrykBrandon “Noetic” Richards and Lyndsay Johnston.

“[t]heir newest album “Under Promise Over Deliver” was released in July 2011 under Standstill Records. Features on the brand new album include Khingz, Too Phat, and Ray Black from Okay City.”

Both Brandon and Brody wanted to create music that wasn’t influenced or following any commercialized standard and made the choice to move to Vancouver to write their first album. It wasn’t until later that Lyndsay joined up with them adding a soulful voice to the duo.

This dynamic group have toured with legends such as Kool Keith and have performed with many others over the past couple years. A major highlight of the year for this group was performing at the Global Youth Assemble in July. CONSCIENCE was proud to take part in an event that addresses issues affecting youth around the world.

For more information check out there website!

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